Top 10 Marketing Strategies for Roofing Contractors – Roofing Leads


Let’s discuss the top 10 strategies that you should be using to market your roofing company.


How to Generate High-quality roofing leads?

Just don’t say that you can generate roofing leads only using direct mail or by spending too much on Google pay per click ads.


As the number 1 ranked New Jersey SEO expert

I know how to do marketing for roofing companies. I have worked with dozens of local contractors providing seo consulting Services. 


I can understand that finding qualified leads for roofing companies is hard, but is not as hard as you think., so to clear the smoke.


  I am going to reveal all the strategies and techniques that I know, which can help increase leads and sales for business owners and contractors. 


So here are the top 10 lead generation Strategies for roofing contractors. 


Google my business page Listing


Do you know that over 80% of people look for local businesses on the internet? 


Which is the very well known fact

But only 40% of the businesses have claimed their Google my business listing. If you haven’t yet. You should start doing it now. 


Make sure you optimize your GMB listing. 


Even if have GMB listing you might not be knowing some of the most advanced features GMB has? Which can help you generate leads?  Like


  1. Your Calendar links make it easy for commercial roofing leads to schedule an appointment. This feature helps them book appointment right from GMB. 


  1. Direct messaging feature allows your clients to contact you right from GMB page you can program automatic responses if you wish to.


  1. The question and answers section can save you time if you can answer some questions that are repeatedly asked by most of your clients. you can answer them here. think of it as an onsite faq for potential leads.


There are some other features on GMB which can help you connect with new customers. 


Install hailstorm tracker app, Roofing lead generation


Almost roofers know that hailstorm damage is excellent for the roofing business.


Most people even don’t know that it does damage on the roof until it leaks. they are most likely to know about that after a storm passes through the area. 


Hail storm tracker app can help to track storm-affected areas.


After finding out the storm-affected areas you can set up Facebook ads targeting the homeowners in their area, and they are far more likely to call you after seeing your ad after their roof is damaged. 


You can offer them a free hail inspection, and most of the people even don’t have any idea that their roof needs repair. 


Asking your previous clients to write reviews


You cannot expect people to write reviews for you without you asking them people are more likely to write reviews when they are not satisfied with the service provided. if you want your clients to review your business asking is the way to ensure that they do


Few ways to ask your client for reviews


Send an email after the job is done kindly requesting for a review.


Ask in person when the job is done you may print a postcard with the URL of your review pages to make it easy. 


other sites that you should be using to get reviews Angels list Facebook Google Yelp yellow pages


Make sure to ask them for written reviews instead of just star rating.


Strategic tie-ups with other contractors


Home improvement businesses, landscaping companies, general contractors, DIY stores, and handyman other partners. You never know when their clients need roofing replacement so supply this contractors with flyers or business cards to give their clients. 


Ask them if they would be interested in referring their clients who need roofing repairs to your company. You can make the deal sweetened by agreeing to buy some of your roofing materials from them. 


There is no reason they are going to reject your offer also consider joining roofing trade organizations, Chamber of Commerce in your area. 


Get a website for your roofing business.


You should have a well-designed website & optimize it for conversions, and providing the vital information that you should be provided on your website. can help you get more roofing leads.


Placing your logo and the phone number at the top


An exciting offer of a something that you are visitor can’t ignore. give away something for free like roof estimate for a roof inspection.


An informative explainer video. research say that using a video on your website or landing page can increase conversions by about 86%, and also you can explain the process of roofing repair in the video. show a before and after a kind of thing.


A clear call to action. your call to action should be clear and the call to action something like “to get a free estimate today call us on 444444 44 is an excellent example of a great call to action.


Trust indicators this includes some of your testimonials reviews aa hi profile client logos and industry certifications these are especially powerful for pursuing visitors to utilize your roofing service. 


Start blogging roofing SEO 


The best way to increase your website’s traffic is through blogging and taking advantage of Search Engine Optimisation regularly updating your website with articles that include your keywords customers are more likely to search. 

, over some time you can boost your visits to your website and increase potential leads for your roofing business. 


Creating a blog with engaging and informative articles with the aim of word count ranging from 1200 to 1500 words per article. An article of this length will work best for searching in Optimisation as it can help to increase your keyword density is within acceptable limits if you are not sure about how SEO works roofing SEO expert it can be worth consulting to generate high-quality roofing leads. 


6 out of 10 online consumers have made their Purchase Decision after reading a blog post. 


Don’t forget that search engines use the highest priority to fresh and high-quality content with roofing SEO keywords used appropriately. 


Performance of your blog post can be maximized by sharing them on social media accounts like Facebook Twitter Instagram Pinterest. To save time, social media management tools like buffer can be used to share your blog post on all your social media profiles at once. 


Start building an email list for roofing marketing.


If you don’t have an email list, you should start building your list today. 

Email marketing is one of the better strategies that has the highest ROI than any other marketing strategy. 

Companies using email to generate their roofing leads can get up to 50% more sales at 33% less cost. 


Email marketing can be used to inform your prospect about your services your offer at its best. 


You can start telling the story to engage your prospects and make them aware of regular roofing maintenance, which will eventually lead to more satisfied roofing clients.


Social Media Marketing strategy for a roofing company 


You can use your social media accounts to market your roofing company. 


Being active on social media and posting an update it will get you a lot of attention these days it is not only easy to use it is free and fun. 


If you already have a Facebook page search for your company on Google that must be on the first page of Google


And if your active posting on your Twitter profile that might also be present on the first page, which means that being active on social media will Rises your roofing companies profile. 


It also increases the visibility to your post and reaches some people who will see E and engage with it. in other words it will be seen by your fans and followers and some of their friends who can eventually convert as your potential clients


Sharing valuable tips and advice’s  about roofing builds your credibility. 


Some of the specific things you should be sharing on social media 


You can share your customer testimonials. 

Share your blog post on your social media to drive traffic to your roofing company website.


The Best Way To Generate Roofing leads is through local SEO


Roofing SEO is a must for any roofing contractor.


I can help you dominate your competitors in Google; 


it is also the best way to generate leads for your roofing business with the highest buyers intent. When Done Right. this will be the key strategy for your business success.


Local SEO marketing can be divided into two parts. First one is on page Optimisation.


Which includes :


  1. Using local keywords in your page titles that are having good search volumes 


  1. Optimizing every page on your website for local roofing keywords 


  1. Creating high-quality content that will engage your potential customers


  1. Using your keywords in image alt tags


  1. Linking out to authority websites in your niche to increase your reputation 


And the second one is the offsite Optimisation.


Which includes :


  1. Backlinks from authority sites including roofing magazines


  1. List your business information uniformly then all the listings  (NAP). Which is called citations


  1. Social media profiles


Robust online marketing should have both onsite and offsite Optimisation appropriately done.


You can start by identifying local roofing keywords and then create content using then so that you can optimize your articles and blog posts for those terms after that you can check for your local citations NAP make sure it is same throughout. 


Every effort that you put to target hyperlocal links will build authority and will help you raise your website onto the top of Google, which will help you get high-quality visitors to your site. 


Networking: attend a local chamber of Commerce event.


As a roofing contractor attending your local Chamber of Commerce can provide you with an opportunity to network with business owners. 


Also helps you to connect with property managers developer architect general contractor all who can refer you to a lot of business. 


You’ll also get a listing on Chamber of Commerce website. 


That means when locals are all looking for a roofer, I can see your name there. Being a member helps you increase your authority and visibility in the community.


Conclusion: roofing marketing ideas to drive quality leads


Finding the quality leads and which channel works best. you should either learn the best practices that will give you the best results for each channel or hire someone that has had success for each channel. 


Stronger your presence online stronger your sales pipelines are. 


If you need help getting more rankings, more traffic, check out my Add Agency If you enjoyed this video, like it, share it, tell other people about it. Thank you for watching.

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