Roofing Contractors Marketing – Mistakes to Avoid

Roofing Contractors Marketing – Mistakes to Avoid

Roofing Contractors Marketing – Mistakes to Avoid

The ability to install a quality cool roof is an essential part of building a profitable roofing firm, but it is just 1 part. Marketing for roofing contractors is almost as important as the work itself.


Without advertising to promote and feature your work, all that ability and effort is going to be for nothing. Marketing isn’t a procedure to be handled carelessly. Following are six common mistakes to avoid when building your marketing plan.

Racing to the Bottom of a Price War

A roof is among the priciest purchases any homeowner can face, and therefore, plenty of thought — not to mention procrastination — goes into the decision to buy a new roof or fix an existing one.

The problem is, low-balling your pricing devalues your enterprise.

Rather than focusing on how inexpensive you’re, target your advertising on the value for money. Though you might not have the lowest cost, you provide more value for the money. To put it differently, cost-effectiveness.

Not Having a Marketing Strategy

Possibly the greatest — and most common — error roofing contractors make from the marketing efforts. They haphazardly”marketplace” without a clear idea about what they’re trying to accomplish, or a timeline where they would like to achieve it.


Invest time in mapping out precisely what you would like to achieve with your advertising.


Plan out your articles, such as social and blog networking posts over a protracted amount of time, and allow some flexibility to make adjustments as necessary along the way.

Not Differentiating Your Business

The market gets more and more crowded every day, and the world wide web has opened up even more options for consumers that are looking for a service or product. This increased competition makes it even more essential that you communicate why your roofing company differs.

As we have discussed, the purchase price will not do it.

Quality of work isn’t enough either. Perhaps you concentrate on energy efficient, ”green” construction methods.

Maybe you focus on a specific type of roof restoration.

Underestimating the Power of Word of Mouth (Referrals)

The explosion of review and rating websites has made”word of mouth” marketing incredibly powerful.

Too many roofing contractors don’t see the value in these types of referrals, or they don’t take part in the conversation, mainly when there’s a problem.

Roofers do not realize that lots of prospects will first assess these review sites before calling them. Being proactive and engaging with clients (whether fulfilled or not), goes a long way to enhancing your standing.

Not Claiming Your Google Business Listing

Google My Business is a free tool that puts your business on Google Maps and assists your site rank high in search results. Not asserting your listing means you are passing up a tool many, many prospects use to find local companies. The simple fact is, prospective clients often contact companies off the Google business list. If you are not there, you are losing potential clients.

Not Marketing When Leads Are Strong

Related to the absence of a marketing strategy. Many roofing contractors just market when prospects are running dry. This”emergency advertising” rarely works efficiently, and sometimes does not work in any way.

By constantly marketing, you are ready to benefit from opportunities every time they come up, not only when you need them.

These can be frequent mistakes in the area of advertising for roofing contractors SEO, but with diligence and a good marketing strategy, they can be avoided.


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